Established in 2000, Rogers' Radiant is a family operated business based out of Sonoma County, California which specializes in hydronic plumbing technologies for both residential and commercial heating needs.

The owner, Steve Rogers, has been involved woth hydronic heating systems for over 35 years.  Our  specialties include radiant (warm floor) heating, baseboards, radiators, air handlers, fan connectors, domestic hot water and solar thermal applications.  We use state of the art boilers, tanks solar collectors, pumps, valves and controls to give you a comfortable and energy efficient system.


Centrally located in Windsor, California, Rogers Radiant has a long-standing reputation of quality installations.


About Radiant/Hydronic Heating

A basic hydronic heating system is a water heater or boiler that heats water which is pumped through a heat emitter which might be a tubing grid in the floor (radiant warm floor), a baseboard, or radiator. Also referred to as radiant heating, this type of system has been increasingly popular due to added comfort, which includes low noise, no drafty blown air, higher humidity levels, more control through "zoning," and as with radiant floor, no sign of a heating system. Our boilers have the highest effciency ratings and the lowest emissions, which decrease their environmental impact, making smart green building choices.


The radiant panel (warm floor) is a tubing grid which covers the entire exposed floor. The tubing is wiretied to your rebar in a concrete slab, stapled on top of your wood subfloor with a poured overlayment of lightweight concrete, or attached to the underside of the subfloor  (joist bays) with aluminum transfer plates, or one of themany radiant panel overlays (on top of subfloor). This allows the heat to radiate evenly across the entire floor surface, achieving lower supply temperatures for added efficiency.


The boiler is also able to handle other heating capabilities. A combination radiant floor/domestic hot water heating system is very popular. Solar thermal applications can assist your heating needs and could be a good combination with the low temperatures required in radiant floor designs.

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