Rogers Radiant Heating & Plumbing offers a variety of services to serve both residential and commercial customers to solve their radiant heating needs. Whether it new construction installation, retrofits or upgrades, boiler replacementsor any solar/thermal applications. We are happy to discuss your project needs and come up with a customized solution for your individual needs.


We promise to furnish the materials and perform the labor necessary for the completion of your hydronic heating system. As per our design, I will personally bring you through the project from a bid/proposal, documentation, rough-in through close-in of your project. Mechanical room designs are a work of art. Plumb, level and securely mounted.


This area can be challenging, but with hydronics you just need to chase a small pipe from point A to point B, a lot easier than bulky forced air ducts. Radiant panels can be attached on top of existing floor, keeping elevations to a minimum. Tubing grids can be attached with aluminum transfer plates in the floor joists under the subfloor. There are many options here. The trick is to keep an open mind when it comes to the design.


Although radiant panels (warm floor) are very popular, sometimes they are not as practical as other solutions we can provide. Other heat emittors, such as baseboards, radiators with modern, traditional or antique designs, towel bar warmers, fan convectors, can all be other design solutions.


When your heating system is showing some age, boiler or mechanical room replacements become necessary. Most of the older systems out there still have good radiant panels or heat emitters and delivery systems. Replacement of the boiler and near boiler components (pumps, tanks, valves, controls) ensure a reliable, energy efficient system.


I will carefully go over your existing system with you to come up with a design that will be reliable, energy efficient and will also keep installation costs to a minimum.


Air-to-Water heat pumps can do a good job with today's heat pump technologies and well-insulated houses. Air-to-Water systems extract heat out of the air around us and stores the heat in a water medium where it can then be circulated through the floor to do space heating, heat domestic hot water, and also provide air-conditioning in the summer. Radiant ceiling panels then become the "go-to" design. They radiate the heat down from the ceiling in the winter, actually heating the floor and other objects in the room. This system will send chilled water through the ceiling in the summer to cool your living space.


Solar thermal panels are our specialty. I started in the business back in the early 80s, installing solar thermal applications to heat domestic hot water systems.


Solar thermal assist for your domestic hot water system is still to this day one of the best ways to use the sun to offset your heating costs. Whether it be the traditional flat plate collectors or the new technology of evacuated tube collectors, we have designed systems that not only heat your hot water, but assist in your radiant floor heating needs, hot tubs, and pools.


Pool solar thermal applications can be done with solar pool collectors that can maintain your pool at higher temperature levels with extended seasons in the spring and fall. This can lead to substantial savings in monthly heating costs with minimal initial cost.


Water-to-Water heat pumps allow you to circulate water through the ground (which is a constant 55 degrees). The heat pump extracts heat and puts it directly into your radiant floor panel and/or domestic hot water storage tank. Many of the other heating applications can be applied here. Summer cooling can also be applied.

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